A revolution in fitting

For the past 100 years footwear retailers only measured foot length to find the right shoe. Now with Kintec’s 3D FitScan system, we measure hundreds of data-points that we compare across over 5-million feet to dial in your Perfect Fit. Welcome to Kintec’s FitScan.

The perfect fit is just a quick scan away

Within seconds our 3D FitScan will change how you see your feet. You’ll discover that no two feet are the same, not even your own!

1. Scan

Step up onto our FitScan. Within 5 seconds, it’ll produce hundreds of data points that build a three-dimensional model of your foot.

2. Measure

Your 3D foot model will be sent to our tablet (and your email) where our Fit Expert will examine your 10 different foot measurements.

3. Fit

A Kintec Fit Expert will use their fitting expertise and a database of 6-million scans to recommend footwear for your unique foot shape.

Our tech is cool but it’s just a tool

We love new technology but what makes it really work is our people. Our team of trusted experts brings together 29 years of clinical expertise, the best in scientific research, and leading-edge technology to assess your unique situation and provide the best possible solution for you.

Take your first step
Visit a Kintec store and get your FitScan today.

Reserve a FREE One2One fitting today, and a Kintec Fit Experts will guide you through a 30-minute personalized footwear journey.

Is pain holding you back?

Are you suffering from foot or ankle pain; knee pain; osteoarthritis of the ankle or knee; hip and/or lower back pain, diabetic foot or injury? We can help. Meet with a Kintec Pedorthist today.

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