Orthotic Appointments

Initial Orthotics Assessment

✓ 45-60 minute appointment
✓ Review of activities, symptoms, and history
✓ Gait analysis & examination of your feet
✓ Personalized treatment plan that may include off-the-shelf or custom orthotics*, footwear fitting, prevention tips, or stretches.

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*Have a 3rd party claim such as MSSH, NIHB, DVA or FNHA for custom orthotics? Call 905-961-3338 and our customer service team will create a file and submit it for approval before we schedule your appointment.

Orthotics Adjustment

✓ 30-minute appointment
✓ Most adjustments can be made on the spot. Some may required to be sent to our lab
✓ Adjustment appointments are only available for patients within 12 months of their fitting. If you require an adjustment on orthotics that are older than 12-months, please book an Assessment appointment
✓ FREE for customers who received their orthotics within the last 12 months

Existing Kintec orthotic patients only


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