The Perfect Orthotic?

The Perfect Orthotic?

If you look at the Kintec orthotic display wall you will see many different orthotics labeled for different types of footwear or activities. Why does this differ from many other orthotic providers that will only have one style of orthotic regardless of the footwear they are going into, the activity they are being used for or the foot type of the patient?

Footwear plays the biggest factor in the style of orthotic that needs to be made. Athletic shoes fit deep and wide and generally have a removable liner, flat dress shoes are narrower with a shallower heel cup and don’t always have a removable liner and heels fit very narrow and have a pitch in the footbed from heel to toe. If a patient would benefit from orthotics then consistency is important and there is not one orthotic that is going to fit all types of shoes.

Performance is another big factor in how an orthotic is designed. Walking, running, standing, skiing, golfing, skating, etc, all put different stresses and demands on the body. At Kintec we design orthotics that are going to maximize performance in the activity for which they were designed. We are continuously sourcing materials, refining shell design and incorporating manufacturing process that keep our designs leading edge in the orthotics industry.

Convenience, comfort and longevity are also reasons why multiple pairs of orthotics are a benefit. More than one pair means that you are not having to move your orthotics every time you change your shoes, it also means that when a pair gets wet you have a dry pair to switch into. The topcovers and other soft parts of the orthotics wear out. If you are not wearing the same pair day in and day out, they will last longer and reduce the expense of having to rebuild orthotics.

Not everyone requires nor can afford multiple pairs of orthotics. The Kintec pedorthists are here to help find the solution that works for you, your budget and your lifestyle.

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