On Your Feet All Day? Tips For Managing Foot Pain

On Your Feet All Day? Tips For Managing Foot Pain

We are on our feet more than ever.

Foot pain is a common side-effect of work, especially when shifts last eight hours or longer.

In addition to having to stand or walk for the whole day, the terrain we are on can be quite hard, such as concrete. It’s no wonder our feet are sore and painful by the end of the day.

Many chronic foot conditions can occur as a result, such as plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendonitis. Some of us may not necessarily have lingering pain, but it is important to know that if we continuously put the strain on the foot that causes pain, eventually it can lead to a chronic condition.

Manage Your Foot Pain Effectively

There is a lot you can do to help reduce sore feet during the day.

Proper Footwear

Your footwear is your base and these should be strong and have a thick cushion, especially if you work on hard surfaces. When twisting your shoes, they should not be able to twist all around. That is a sign that it is too weak.

Ensure your shoes have been properly fitted by an expert. Ill-fitting shoes can cause issues like bunions, hammertoes and corns.

Stretching and Massage

Try to fit in stretching throughout the day. Tight calf muscles are fairly common and affect many people, and when a muscle is tight, its range of motion is reduced and it can feel sore and also cramp up.

Stretching helps to improve the flexibility, and also to increase blood flow and oxygen to the muscles to help it recover quicker. It would also help to ensure that the muscles are not so tight that it starts pulling at their attachment points, like in the case of Achilles tendonitis.

Massaging the calves with a foam roller or travel stick can also help with reducing tension and assisting with recovery. A foot massage ball can target smaller foot muscles better.

Custom Orthotics or Insoles

Depending on your foot type, you can be more likely to get pain in the feet. For example, if you are an overpronator and your feet are flat, the foot muscles are continuously stretched out and can get injured. Custom orthotics, or over-the-counter insoles can help with supporting this arch up. High arches can also result in pressure spots, and an insole can help to even out pressure distribution.

Physiotherapy & Strengthening

If you have chronic pain, it is a good idea to get an assessment to see if there is an imbalance in the muscles, or if there is a weakness. Physiotherapy can help with strengthening exercises so the muscles do not get tired as easily.

Talk To A Foot Pain Specialist

For more information, drop by your nearest Kintec location to get a free consultation and for assistance with proper-fitting shoes and insoles.

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