Athletic Compression Socks For Non-Athletes

Athletic Compression Socks For Non-Athletes

Historically, people have been wearing compression socks to treat venous disorders and insufficiencies. These are typically ‘medical-grade’ compression socks, with very high grades of compression to the feet and legs.

However, in more recent years, the demand for ‘athletic’ compression socks has increased drastically with athletes, workers, and travellers alike as many people realize their benefits.

Here’s why more and more people are turning to athletic compression socks for long drives, flights, athletic recovery, and jobs where you’re sitting or standing for long hours.

A person running while wearing athletic compression socks.

How do compression socks work?

Well, you probably figured it out by now. Compression socks apply compression to your feet and legs. This compression is strongest at your feet and gradually decreases in intensity as the socks travel up your legs. They act as a pump to increase the blood flow back up your legs, to your heart. This improves your overall circulation.

What’s the difference between athletic & medical compression socks?

Athletic compression socks differ in both design and function. The compression works in the same way, but athletic compression socks have some added features: The materials are lighter, more breathable, and moisture wicking to keep your feet cool and dry during your activities.

Also, athletic compression socks often have reinforced heel and toe cushions to protect your feet from impact or friction within your shoe. Some also have a stretch calf panel to allow your muscles to contract without feeling restricted.

What are the benefits of athletic compression socks?

Graduated compression is believed to improve athletic performance and recovery by increasing blood flow.

More specifically, research suggests some of the athletic benefits include improved circulation to extremities, reduced muscle vibrations, enhanced lactate removal, reduced blood lactate concentration following activity, and reducing effects of delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS).

These physiological benefits help to reduce injury, accelerate recovery, reduce muscle soreness and fatigue, and improve power and proprioception.

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Sara Girard, B.Kin
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