4 Things To Consider When Choosing Home Footwear

4 Things To Consider When Choosing Home Footwear

A few tips to consider when choosing home footwear.

Wearing home footwear helps maintain the consistency of support. For many people, it is an easy way to improve overall comfort as well as control.

We may not think we spend a lot of time walking around the house, but the reality is that all those minutes spent preparing a meal, hosting a party or cleaning the house add up. This is the perfect time to slip something supportive onto your feet.

1. Softer Isn’t Always Better

Unless the liner is removable to accommodate an orthotic, there is often very little support in these types of slippers.

2. Look For Built-in Support

Some brands, such as Birkenstock, have clog styles with built-in arches.

3. Don’t Forget About Sandals

We often recommend sandals at home as an alternative to slippers.

4. Replace Regularly

It may still look new and clean, but the cushioning and control will wear down as you wear it.

3 Benefits of Wearing Supportive Slippers at Home

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