Kintec Race Team Profile

Adam Way


Running is an amazing tool that has allowed me to explore some exceptionally stunning places (and many of them out my own backyard). I started running the extensive trail network of North Vancouver in 2007 and have never turned back. Getting out the door, into the wild, and up a mountain are my admitted vices.

I have competed in over ten trail ultra-marathons, including my first 100 mile mountain race in 2013. I have also been an active member of the local running community for a number of years, including my role as a Run Clinic Instructor with Kintec. The support and camaraderie of the running community is infectious and I have been fortunate to meet many my closest friends through the sport of running.

This year I will be participating in a number of local races, as well as traveling South of the border. I am most looking forward to running the Fat Dog 70miler in Manning Park BC at the end of August, as well as the Meet Your Maker 50miler in September.

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