How Trekking Poles Can Help Improve Hip Health

How Trekking Poles Can Help Improve Hip Health

Canadian wait times concerning hip health are now the longest they’ve ever been; fewer patients are receiving best-practices care, while more remain on waiting lists. As we age, it becomes more critical to take action steps toward preserving hip and overall health. Did you know that trekking poles can help?

Learn what type of trekking poles are right for you

It has been proven that exercise can help manage the pain of hip osteoarthritis, lower the risk of falls and reduce the severity of fall-related injuries when they occur. The British Journal of Medicine found in a 2009 study that exercise was the single most effective way to reduce the symptoms of other various conditions, including Type 2 dibetes, musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, pulmonary, and neurological diseases.

Staying active also helps improve balance, as well as help you use more muscle tissue and gain bone mineral density.

How Trekking Poles Help

Getting outdoors and hiking with trekking poles is a great way to naturally load the bones and joints, by way of stepping. This motion helps maintain bone density and promote good bone health. It allows you to use more muscle, burn more calories, and stay more comfortable than standard walking or hiking.

However, because the effort is distributed throughout your body, it is easier to work harder.

There are several different types of trekking poles on the market today – from those for serious backpackers to those who need assistance in walking around the block.

Black Diamond FLZ

The Black Diamond Distance FLZ is strong, supportive and easy to adjust when you need to adapt to the current conditions. With a three-section foldable design, the pole-locking system on this model is secure, fast and easy to deploy.

Other Features:

  • Aluminum construction
  • Speed cone deployment/FlickLock adjustability
  • Lightweight EVA foam grip and breathable, moisture-wicking strap
  • Non-slip EVA foam mini-grip extension
  • Interchangeable, non-scarring rubber Tech Tips
  • Stopper basket with shaft catcher to secure folded sections

Urban Poling Activators

Designed for balance and taking more pressure off your back and lower joints, ACTIVATOR™ poles can be used indoors as well as outdoors, in all seasons. These poles are very helpful tools if you have recently had a hip or knee replacement surgery, or if you have a chronic condition that affects your balance or grip strength.

Other Features:

  • Easy, safe button locking system
  • Strapless, for injury prevention
  • Bell Shape Tips provide greater stability
  • CoreGrip designed for  core strengthening, wrist support
  • 3 Anti-Vibration reduces impact on joints
  • Telescopes 4′ to 6′, collapsible for storage
  • Carbide steel tip is stable in slippery conditions

Talk to an Expert!

If you have any questions about using trekking poles and staying active into old age, then a Kintec Fitting Expert can provide some solutions. Visit us at one of our many Lower Mainland locations today!

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