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Foot pain, knee pain, back pain?

Medical grade custom foot orthotics in 3 EASY STEPS:

Step 1:
Book Your Teleconference

Our virtual assessments are 60-minute teleconference appointments with a Canadian Board Certified Pedorthist. They will discuss your presenting issue and biomechanics, guide you through our 3D foot self-scanning process, and present a comprehensive treatment plan through a multimedia experience.

Step 2:
Scan Your Own Feet!

Kintec has exclusive access to the Epitek Self-Scanner app that uses the power of Apple’s TrueDepth camera to capture tens-of-thousands of 3D data points of your feet in an easy-to-use interface. Download the app today with your iPhone X or newer and discover how we bring our clinics directly to your home.

Step 3:
Receive Your Orthotics!

No matter your location, you can start your journey to overcome pain or disability from the comfort of your home. No in-person fitting appointments necessary!

Custom orthotics. Without leaving your home.

Over the last 30 years Kintec pedorthists have helped tens of thousands of people with their foot pain. 
Now – we’ve created the technology that allows us to come to you. Simple, Safe and Effective. Available now!

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Enjoy the Benefits of Kintec

Since starting in 1991 in Vancouver, BC, Kintec has grown to be Canada’s largest full-service footwear and orthotics company.  Over the last 31 years, over 500,000 people have benefited from our comprehensive treatment plans, footwear recommendations and  precision-made custom foot orthotics.  Now, these services will all be available to you – direct to your home – through our virtual program!

You’re Covered

Most insurance companies cover orthotics through extended health benefits.

Comfort Guarantee

We offer an industry leading 12-month free adjustment period to ensure that you get the best fit possible. Learn more.

Free Delivery

Get your orthotics right to your door.

We’re here to help

Questions? Reach our experts through live chat or email.

Get access to a Kintec pedorthist,
anywhere across Canada.

No matter your location, simply book in an appointment to start your foot health journey.

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