Kintec Race Team

The 2015 Kintec Race Team is comprised of a great group of athletes from around the Lower Mainland. The group includes a mix of everything from short distance road runner, to marathoners, to trail runners to ultra marathon runners.

The athletes were selected based on their role in the running community as being good ambassadors and educators of the sport.  Between this group are numerous podium finishes and races completed of varying distances.  Some of the events lined up this year for team members include, the Sun Run, Boston Marathon, Western States 100 miler, Scotiabank Vancouver Half Marathon, 5 Peaks, Wasatch Front 100 miler, Longest Day 5k, Knee Knacker 50k, Harry’s Spring Run Off 8k, and the Chuckanut Mountain 50k among many, many others.

These athletes are excited to be part of the team and promote both Kintec and the sport of running. The love sharing their wisdom and passion for the sport with others in the community.  We look forward to a great year with this group of people!

Our Athletes