Plantar Fasciitis: How We Can Help Treat This Painful Condition

Plantar Fasciitis: How We Can Help Treat This Painful Condition

At Kintec, Footwear and Orthotics, plantar fasciitis is one of the most common injuries we see. As this article states, poor mechanics, a change in exercise, and improper footwear can all contribute to small tears in the plantar fascia. With many treatment options for plantar fasciitis, we suggest having a comprehensive biomechanical assessment done by one of our Canadian Board Certified Pedorthists to create a treatment plan designed specifically for your needs.

A Pedorthist specializes in lower limb biomechanics, casts for and manufactures custom foot orthotics and professionally fits and modifies footwear. During the biomechanical assessment, the Pedorthist investigates mechanical reasons for the excess strain on the plantar fascia, and whether custom orthotics and other devices will help relieve the strain. We will also look at many other treatment options that can include stretching, icing, and footwear. As every patient is different it is important to create a personalized treatment plan to help reduce pain as quickly as possible.

One aspect that many people overlook is the type and fit of shoe they are wearing. At Kintec we go through a full shoe fit process for all clients. This is a 5 step process that looks at many aspects to find the perfect shoe, including the type of activities the shoe will be used for, an actual foot measurement, as well as matching the shoes to your specific mechanics. Using our InCap system, we are able to film you and show you how your feet are affecting the way you run and walk, and why a certain shoe will work best for you.

There are many different types of athletic and casual shoes so finding the correct one plays an important role in staying injury free. Plantar fasciitis can bring your running to a halt, and put a major strain on your job or training. We believe that staying active and pain-free is essential to a healthy lifestyle, and enjoy using our knowledge to help keep you that way.


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