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Our team of Canadian Certified Pedorthists and Fit Experts work together to provide you with a personalized fitting and treatment plan so you can stay active on your feet, for life.

Pedorthic Assessment


Meet with a Certified Pedorthist if you’re experiencing pain in your feet, lower limbs, hips or lower back.
Your pedorthic assessment will include:
Review of your activities, symptoms, and history
Gait analysis & physical examination of your feet
Personalized treatment plan that may include off-the-shelf or custom orthotics*, footwear fitting, stretches, prevention tips, and/or follow-up and ongoing support
✓ Free custom orthotic adjustments for one year & reassessments for life (after your first year)

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Please note: our assessment fee is $95, which will be deducted from the cost of custom orthotics should you choose to order them.

*Have a 3rd party claim such as Worksafe BC, ICBC, MSSH, NIHB, or DVA for custom orthotics? Contact us and we will create a file and submit it for approval before we schedule your appointment.

Orthotic Adjustment


We will review the function of your existing orthotics.
• Most adjustments can be done while you wait, however some will be sent to our lab for adjustment.
• Our adjustment fee is $40 plus materials (a quote will be provided before any work is done).
• There is no fee for Kintec customers that need adjustments for new orthotics during the first 12 months.

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Brace Fittings and Other Appointments

Custom fittings for braces (ankle, knee, shoulder, elbow or wrist), compression socks, or custom shoes? Call us directly to book your appointment at 604-200-FEET (3338).

Questions about custom orthothics or pedorthics? Visit our FAQ page