Kat Drew

Kat Drew

Kat Drew

Trail Runner


Sidney, BC


Vancouver, BC

What are your 2019/2020 goals?
I’ve had a pretty intense 2019 so far regarding races, so my big goal right now is Western States. I’m so excited to be a part of the event, and one of my goals is to soak it up and have a really good time. I haven’t thought as far as 2020 but I do have UTMB on my mind.

Where is your favorite place to run?
Through the trails of the North Shore! 

Music, podcast, or the sound of your breathing?
No music – just the sound of my breathing and thoughts flying through my head.

Handheld, running vest or aid station?
It depends on the race: I don’t like handhelds so I have been using a Salomon race vest lately (mesh in the back to keep me cool, but enough pockets to carry what I need between aid stations). I don’t rely too heavily on aid stations, but I do love the Coca-Cola and chips they normally provide! I’ve also had some pretty great crew lately who have helped stock me up!  

What’s the worst injury you’ve had and how did you get over it?
During my training for the World Trail Championships in 2017 I had some bad hip/IT issues. I think it affected me more mentally than physically, but I couldn’t run for a few weeks (I turned into a total stress ball!). I had such a bad race- i was undertrained, i didn’t adapt to the heat well and was super anxious about how poorly I was doing. At some point I just had to let it go and remind myself that I was lucky to be a part of the experience and just laugh it off and enjoy the experience!

What do you think about when you are running and how do you push yourself to go further, harder or longer?
I don’t use headphones so I just run with my thoughts. I try to keep positive and focused.
Before I set out for my run, I know my distance or workout, so I start with a goal and that helps me push myself.  

What’s the one piece of advice you would give to any runner?
Set goals for yourself, create a plan and be patient with the process! Always try to have fun and treat your body well. 

Career Highlights

  • Winning my WSER Golden Ticket at the Canyons 100km
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